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Protect Water Quality

The Keep it Blue campaign is the public outreach of the Lake Chelan Watershed Planning Unit (LCWPU) which is dedicated to long-term water quality and water supply protection. The LCWPU monitors water quality to better understand the trends and risks facing our local lake and develop pertinent recommendations. 


Educate the Public

Because Lake Chelan is such a critical asset to our region, the Keep It Blue campaign aims to grow community support of water quality monitoring and habitat improvement plans.

If our community understands how human activities affect Lake Chelan we can make sustainable and appropriate choices

that will allow us to enjoy our lake

now and into the future.


Act to Neutralize Threats

The unique pristine waters of Lake Chelan are precisely what puts it at risk.

By building understanding around the need and methods to protect water quality, we aim to generate a shared responsibility between partners, residents, and visitors to support water quality monitoring and aquatic habitat protection and restoration efforts. 


Keep It Blue

Lake Chelan is a priceless asset to our region,

supporting both our quality of life and our economy.

Keep It Blue Lake Chelan is our comprehensive campaign to Educate, Act, and Protect Lake Chelan water quality. 

Our overarching goal is to create pervasive awareness in our community, and in the world at large, about how we protect the water quality in the Lake Chelan watershed.

Because the beauty and clarity of Lake Chelan play a pivotal role in the health of our future, we all share in the responsibility to Keep It Blue.

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